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The tnet appears

"An Internet for Transportation" has been submitted to the USPTO as a provisional patent application. You'll find it under the publications tab. It was given application number 62347482. As patent professionals know, provisionals are never published, unless they mature into an non-provisional application, and then only after 18 months from the priority date. This is first time I've decided to put an application out before schedule. There are many reasons for that, but foremost is that I'm anxious to get feedback on it.

I'm making some bold claims, including that traffic flow can be made two orders of magnitude more efficient that it is at present, with no new physical infrastructure, and can eliminate traffic jams despite the inevitable induced demand. I'm hoping that some traffic engineers, especially those experienced in traffic simulations on the basis of real data, will take up the challenge to prove me right or wrong and to specify the degree either way.

I'm more modestly hoping that people will actually read the application, study it, and think about it. A key next step towards that will be inciting designers to make images and animations based on these ideas. I believe some fun, interesting, engaging stuff can be done. And probably has to be done, before people unused to reading patent applications, and that's most people, can get a handle on what's going on here.

I also have to write it up in other forms, such as articles for peer-reviewed journals. In the patent application itself, I tried to minimize the patentese, writing it to serve as well as a manifesto as a formal claim to intellectual property. It's for you to tell me if I succeeded in that to any degree. Just read the 3-page intro, scan the drawings, and decide whether to go further from there.

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